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The advantage of a Heavy Duty Connector.


1. Heavy-duty connectors are specially designed to withstand the test of harsh industrial environments and are stronger, stronger and more durable than ordinary connectors.

2. Compared with the traditional connection method, the use of heavy-duty connectors can save 20-30% of the installation cost for the machining center; Improve production efficiency and reduce wiring error rate.

3. Heavy-duty connector structure design. The international advanced materials used make the connectors have excellent electrical properties. The traditional connection method can not achieve the reliability of the electrical connection system.

4. Heavy-duty connector adopts modular design, including pneumatic module, high-current module, profibusDP bus module and USB interface module. Compared to common connectors, it is more practical and easier to maintain.

The types and products of connectors are very rich, and it is a very large family. It is a very important presence in the connector. Heavy-duty connectors are widely used in construction machinery, textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery, tobacco machinery, robots, rail transit, hot runner, power, automation and other equipment that requires electrical and signal connections, because it is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. So heavy-duty connectors are more durable than other connectors.

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